Friday, February 4, 2011


I really, really, really love this lady that I follow around all the time at a place call 'home'!
She's my favorite human in the whole world, and then there is this guy, he comes over every evening, and he's my second favorite one, but I don't like him to get near her... well I don't really like anybody to get near her! >=(
She came into my life one day, when some people put me in a big cage with a bunch of other dogs, it was a really scary time, I was a very sad dog, and for a while, being in a new household was hard, I don't know, just getting use to these people and a brand new place, at the beginning I got sick, but is over now. I'm a very happy dog .... well when is just the three of us, I really don't like new humans coming over to visit (A SECRET: this is just at first, I can really warm up to most of new visitors, specially if they scratch behind my ears or feed me! But really, if it's just the three of us is BETTER!)
I'm really thankful for that rainy day in February when Boddokito (that's how the guy calls her, and she calls him 'Mi') came over to that cage and got me out.
I love it every morning when Mi leaves, I wonder why he leaves so early in the morning? and then Where is it that he goes that he can't take me with him? But I don't care that much anymore, because as soon as he goes I KNOW I just have to jump or cry a little and she'll pick me up to this huge, confy, warm place where she stays really still and with her eyes close, so I just do the same until we get hungry and open our eyes again! Then we have something call 'breakfast', mmmmm don't know why, is just some wonderful food, so tasty! I know for sure she'll give me a piece of ham if I stare long enough, make sad eyes and bring my ears down, most of the time that works, but if it doesn't then I'll just seat up on my back legs and make 'the face' ;-)
I simply love when they take me to a huge green place, they call it 'The park', it has trees, and we walk through paths, sometimes forever, really, it feels like forever, I'm really small and HEY! I do get tired, but still I like it!
I have a bunch of toys, but when Boddokito brought me over she made this gray yarn ball, mmmmm: I don't know if she knows I'm not a cat? Well if she doesn't I'm kind of glad, because that yarn ball is my favorite toy in the whole wide world! They always play with me when I bring that ball over, and I can even play by myself sometime, OMG! is just soooo much fun!!!
I just really hope that every dog in the world can be as lucky as I am; I try to behave really good all the time, you know: to pay back, of course sometimes I'll have a little accident, specially when I eat more than I can take, but is just that I love to eat, you guys just don't know how much I love that, and one of my favorite foods is cheese! I discovered this once that we had a visitor that Boddokito calls Mom, and she used to, secretly (because she'd to go: "sssshhh") give cheese, WOW! It's just delicious, mmm mmm mmm!
Well as soon as I think more things about me I'll let you know! =)
PS: I don't really like to take pictures, but Boddokito is always forcing me and chasing me, just to take them, so just sometimes, I'll try to please her, I'll tell her to post some of me, by myself, I just can't find them right now....